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 Anxiety Treatment

Find Inner Peace and Take Action

Occasional anxiety is a normal part of the human experience and can be beneficial in numerous ways; anxiety can drive us to get out of the house early for an important appointment or spur us to study hard for an important test.

But for some people, anxiety can be overwhelming and difficult to control.

Are you paralyzed by “what if” thoughts that prevent your from taking action? Do these thoughts keep you up at night?

Do you feel nervous, tense, and have difficulty shutting down your worrisome thoughts?

Are you afraid of not doing things the “right” way?

Is it difficult to let go of “mistakes” you have made?

Do you fear being negatively evaluated and avoid social situations?

Are you often uneasy, even when things seem to be going well?

Constant worry, especially over things you cannot control can substantially reduce our quality of life. Therapy is an effective means to reduce these feelings of worry.


Anxiety is a treatable condition.


Today, we have evidence-based techniques that are shown to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is an effective method that works for all types of anxiety disorders. CBT focuses on reframing your thoughts and changing your behavior.

While researchers have repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of CBT, it is important to understand that there is another aspect to therapy that contributes to its effectiveness.

The connection you form with your therapist is integral to your healing process. We are biologically wired for connection. Working one on one with a therapist will provide you with a safe space in which you can openly express yourself and experience relief. At the same time, it provides a valuable opportunity to learn the skills you need to prevent and reduce anxiety.


Dr. Sharone is an expert in treating anxiety.


More than just providing CBT to treat anxiety, Dr. Sharone helps to address the source of your anxiety. Dr. Sharone uses insight-oriented therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and effective mindfulness approaches, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to bring about deeper, more lasting change.

She also coaches you on how to break down an overwhelming task (e.g., a large project, a difficult conversation, etc.) into manageable pieces so that you can take immediate action. Coaching may involve learning the necessary skills (e.g., communication skills, emotional intelligence, boundary setting, etc.) to accomplish your goals.

Take the first step toward overcoming anxiety.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Sharone’s integrative approach to treating anxiety, call #415-316-8850 or fill out the contact form to schedule a 25 minute complimentary phone consultation.

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