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Couples Therapy

Strengthen your Relationship

Do Any of the Following Statements Sound Familiar?

  • You keep having the same fight over and over again.

  • You feel alone and disconnected from your partner.

  • You wish things could go back to how they once were between the two of you.

  • You feel misunderstood and don’t know how to communicate effectively with each other.

  • You feel insecure, jealous, and preoccupied with your relationship.

  • You are holding on to past relationship hurts and pain and can’t move forward.

  • You are scared about the future of your relationship.

Distanced Couple

When your relationship is struggling, it is painful.

Expert Guidance is Available.

As a Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist with Training in Evidence-Based Couples Therapy, I Can Help You to:

  • Deepen your Intimacy and Connection

  • Communicate with Love, Respect, and Understanding

  • Strengthen Commitment

  • Become Masters at Managing Conflict and Use Conflict to Understand Each Other Better and Grow Closer

  • Remain Centered in the Midst of Struggle

  • Experience Play and Joy Together

  • Get Back on the Same Team

Strengthen your connection and learn the skills needed to succeed in your relationship with Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Mindfulness.  


Research has shown that mindfulness is associated with relationship satisfaction, emotion regulation, empathy, inhibition of one's tendency to respond destructively in relationships,  compassionate goals, and other variables that are important for healthy relationships.

Dr. Sharone's research has found that mindfulness is related to several positive variables such as responding with greater enthusiasm and interest when one's partner shares a positive event, happiness for another's success, self-compassion, and in turn more compassionate goals, and less envy. 

Benefit from the combination of Mindfulness + Gottman Method Couples Therapy with Dr. Sharone.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is one of the most effective approaches for improving relationships.  The method involves a thorough assessment, science-based techniques, and integration of other successful approaches. 

Man Carrying his Girlfriend
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